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A Visionary's Missing Piece 

Bridging Vision and Execution 

Excel in your unique abilities.

You create the vision, we guide & execute.

Our goal is to free the Visionary by ensuring organizational effectiveness through integration, management and leadership of day-to-day operations.

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Entrepreneurial Visionaries and CEOs often wear every hat in the company and drive their company's success through sheer will. From roles they love and are good at, to hate and bad at, you've been forced to do it all.

That has gotten you to where you are today, it's time to break through to the next level and scale.

But what if you're not ready for the financial burden of an experienced Integrator?

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Part-time Integrators are your missing ingredient.

Our Fractional Integrator services provide a part-time cost-effective business solution. We excel at the internal work, driving the day-to-day execution.

In addition to maintaining your operations, we push your organization to achieve the goals that will take you to the next level.


Focus, Clarity, & Engagement

As integrators, our role is to accelerate the effectiveness of the EOS Process®. We report to the Visionary, help people achieve their Rocks, drive Scorecard execution, create accountability, and manage the meeting pulse.

EOS® is a power operational system to help companies get Vision, Traction, and Healthy. When the Right Person in the Right Seat is missing, your vision can't be achieved.

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Adam Holtz has a sharp grasp of the EOS® system coupled with a masterful ability to facilitate it for non-profits and for-profits alike. His ability to integrate the EOS tools throughout entire organizations will no doubt bring highly measurable benefits to most any organization.

EOS and highly qualified and dedicated experts the likes of Adam had a significant impact on my company’s ability to transform itself from being moderately successful to best in class.
Adam Holtz is a winner, and so will be any team that engages with him.


Former CEO


Marc Levine

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